Treatment Options for Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol related problems are very common for many people all over the world. In the United States, there are approximately 17 million adults who have substance abuse issues specifically with alcohol. Research studies have shown that one and 10 children live in a household where a parent has a drinking problem. There are many treatment options for alcohol problems, and for people who are addicted to alcohol, the good news is that the majority of people with an alcohol disorder benefit greatly from any type of treatment method. 

Here are some great treatment options for alcohol addiction problems:

1. Alcohol counselling

There are behavioral treatment options that are very beneficial for any person dealing with an alcohol addiction problem. Usually, the most common type of behavioral treatment options include alcohol counseling. Therapeutic treatments often involve working with a healthcare professional one on one to help identify and help diagnose the change in the behavior that needs to happen to stop the heavy drinking. It is necessary to set reasonable goals. It is also important to develop skills in order for the patient to stop or completely reduce drinking, and it is also very important for the individual to learn how to cope with avoiding triggers that may cause him or her to go back to drinking. Alcohol counselling may include motivational enhancement therapy, marital or family counseling.

2. Cognitive behavioral therapy

This type of therapy takes place one on one between a patient and a therapist, but it may also take place in small groups. This type of therapy usually focuses more on identifying any feelings or situations that may trigger the individual’s heavy drinking. During therapy sessions, the therapist will teach the individual how to best manage the stress so that they do not go back to drinking excessively, and help them learn the proper coping skills to live a sober life.

3. Motivational enhancement therapy

This is a type of therapy that is done over a short period of time. During this time, the individual will learn how to strengthen their motivation and help prevent them from going back to drinking. Alcohol rehab centers do a great job at helping out the patients with support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (or AA) and also substance abuse support groups designed to help the individual stay sober as part of a community.

4. Intervention and therapy

A brief intervention is done with small group counseling at the beginning of any alcohol addiction recovery program. This helps the individual learn more about their drinking problem and the impacts and risks that they face when they drink excessively. During this time, a counselor will be able to work with the patient and their loved ones to help them set goals in life so that the individual can make positive change.