Things To Know About Lipsticks

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Women are as unique as the lipstick shades they choose. In fact, there is also an extraordinary range of lipstick types. Lipsticks can enhance the lips, or flatter a particular pair of shoes or nail color, but what many lipstick wearers don’t practice is using each particular type of lipstick to get a certain effect. Lipsticks can add definition, boldness, shimmer, shine, moisturize, and make lips look bigger and plumper. To find out a little more about each type of each lipstick look to the list below:

1. Lip gloss

Lip gloss was created in 1930 for use in the movie industry by Max Factor. The gloss adds shine and depth to the lips. The most basic of glosses come in a clear non-color that adds shine and helps to plump up the lips. Some glosses have come in a light color tint and sometimes have glitter added into the gloss. Gloss is ideal for women that have thin lips as it adds dimension, depth, and luster. Gloss can also be used on top of other lipsticks.

2. Matte lipsticks

Matte lipsticks are flat, shine-free and are the opposite of a gloss. Matt lipsticks have a smooth pure color that makes lips appear younger. Mattes are ideal for a night out on the town or attending a special event. Mattes come in a variety of colors suitable for different types of events and occasions.

3. Cream lipsticks

Cream lipsticks go on smooth and have more wax in the formula. Some creams can be drying but lipsticks have vitamin E and aloe to nourish the lips. These lipsticks are light on the shine and can be used for work or everyday wear. These lipsticks are also good for women with thin lips as they have texture and a hint of gloss. Add some a clear gloss on top of to pump up the shine.

4. Lip stains

Lip stains are similar to mattes as they don’t have much shine. Stains have strong vibrant colors and are long-lasting. Use stains all day through the workday and during lunch and dinner. Stains are long-lasting and don’t require frequent touch-ups. Stains are also versatile as they can be layered or used with a clear gloss for a softer look.

5. Moisturizing lipsticks

Moisturizing lipsticks are perfect for people who have dry lips but want to use color on their lips instead of a lip balm. Moisturizing lipsticks contain glycerin, vitamin e, and aloe. These lipsticks keep lips soft and give a shiny and wet look. Moisturizing lipsticks may not be as long-lasting as stains but they can be the right choice to give color to dry lips for an important event.

6. Lip balm

Many would argue that lip balms are not lipsticks but we disagree. Lip balms are close in nature to gloss and have the specific purpose of hydrating dry chapped lips and adding a small hint of shine. If you run out of gloss you can use a lip balm or use on top of other lipsticks to add some shine.