Teaching Your Kids About Oral Hygiene


Oral hygiene practices begin at a young age. If you teach your kids the importance of dental health from an early age, it can help them to stick to daily teeth cleaning practices that can keep oral diseases away. With good dental hygiene, your kids do not require any extensive treatments for problems that could have been prevented easily.

Here are some tips to teach your kids proper oral hygiene

– Reinforcing the importance of clean teeth and healthy gums are important for kids to really imbibe the idea of oral care from a young age. You need to tell them why they need to brush more than once and why flossing is significant. Kids are more likely to try or stick to a routine if they know why they are doing something.

– The front teeth, especially the bottom ones, usually appear first. You need to clean these teeth properly to maintain their condition before your kids grow up. Kids love to hear anecdotes and are likely to show interest in oral care if they know you have been taking care of their baby teeth.

– Your kids also need a positive association with dentists from a young age. They need to know that dental visits are necessary and that these need not be uncomfortable. Dentists who specifically take care of children oral health are more experienced in handling their unique needs. Their clinical practice settings are also more equipped to make kids comfortable.

– If they skip out on their oral care routine, let them hear from their dentist the horrors of bad teeth and how it can affect them for life. Kids are more likely to listen to their dentists in terms of essential oral care. So, having a dentist for your kid is an effective way to teach your child the basics of oral care that can last them a lifetime.

– Once your kids have learned to brush every morning and night; you can introduce them to flossing. One great way of doing this is through your own oral care practice. Floss when your kids are watching you. Let them become interested in what you are doing and why.

– Special dentistry clinics for kids are often decorated with fun posters related to dental hygiene. The clinic might have other resources too. Utilize the waiting period to study these with your kids and help them understand why sugar is bad for teeth through examples rather than simply stating the facts to them.

Also, make dentistry for kids a part of their lives by scheduling regular visits so that they can keep up with their oral hygiene as they grow up.