Simple tips to follow while traveling with a baby

July 24, 2018 Children

Airline travel can be a daunting experience for many people, but it is even more challenging while traveling with a baby. Special care has to be taken while traveling with newborns especially which is why these useful tips can help ease your concern.

Book a morning flight

Babies will be active and cranky during the hours of 3 to 7 in the evening, which is why it is not a good idea to book a flight during their waking hours. Instead, it is recommended that tickets should be booked for morning flights while traveling with a baby. Newborns and even young children are well rested after a good night’s sleep which is why they will not be cranky or hyperactive during the morning hours.

Ensure a window seat

Make use of web check-in to ensure you get a window seat since both the mother and baby will be comfortable in a nice quiet corner. Center or aisle seats can be uncomfortable and inconvenient for the newborn since you might have to move from time to time to let the passenger occupying the window seat to go about his or her business.

Take advantage of light capacity flights

Planes which are not flying to their capacity will always have a couple of spare seats side by side. Airline attendants can always accommodate you and your baby to these seats which will allow you to keep all the essentials nearby on the vacant seat, to tend to your baby. Traveling with a baby has it’s perks to make full use of the services included in the airfare to your advantage.

Travel with a companion

Even if you are a frequent traveler, it is recommended that your husband, parent, brother or even a close friend accompany you while traveling with a baby. An extra pair of hands will come in handy while changing your baby’s diaper or cleaning up any throw-ups during the flight.

Keep them entertained

Babies can get very restless and cranky, especially if they have missed their afternoon nap. Always bring toys to keep the baby occupied, but not something which will disturb other passengers also. This will prove beneficial for very long flights.

Wait for a few months

It is recommended that you fly after your baby is at least six months old so that they will get used to a set routine, and the same can be followed diligently without you having to do all the legwork. Sleep patterns, play time, chow time and even cuddling time can all be easily maintained with the baby following the said routine. This won’t necessarily change when you are traveling with the baby because their bodies will get accustomed to the routine.

The first time will be hard

It is very easy to make a note of all these steps and plan travel with your baby, but your first time traveling with a baby can be quite hard for you, and you will have to be gentle and patient. Your baby will take some time to get accustomed to the flight eventually and eventually there will be no trouble.