How to Get Back Into Shape After Your Pregnancy

July 5, 2018 Pregnancy

It can be difficult to lose post-pregnancy weight but it is certainly possible with some planning and work. Due to lack of sleep, women may not find the right motivation for dedicated post baby workout schedules. They also have a newborn to care for along with other family and work responsibilities. So, it can be difficult to focus on post-pregnancy weight loss instead of just rolling with it. But to lose post-pregnancy weight, all you need it some clever planning that works for your schedule and body needs. Here are some tips to help you regain your post-pregnancy body in a healthy way.


Your post-pregnancy diet plan needs to include enough nutrients and calories to nourish you after delivery as well as tend to your baby’s needs. If you are breastfeeding, you can’t cut down your caloric intake significantly.
If you are nursing, keep the calorie count at a healthy 1800-2000 range. If you are not breastfeeding, you can reduce it a bit as per your body needs.
Get your nutrients from fresh ingredients rather than processed foods. Completely cut down on sodas and processed sugar. Include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits in your meal plans. Heartily consume whole grains mixed with fresh vegetables. Make nutritious bean salads with leafy greens and citrus fruits. Include plenty of nuts in your diet that contain healthy fats such as almonds. Low-fat dairy products and lean meat are also good to eat to lose pregnancy weight. Snack with healthy food stuff. Whole grains crackers with peanut butter, vegetable soups and low-fat cheese are some ideas for snacking when you feel hungry between meals. Stock your pantry with healthy ingredients so that it is easier for you to stick to a good diet.

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Before you begin your post-pregnancy workout plan, you need to consult with your doctor about the timing. If your delivery was normal, your doctor may recommend a time frame of 6-8 weeks after delivery to start exercising. If you had complications during delivery, your doctor may extend your recovery period. It is important to follow these post-pregnancy recovery guidelines to protect your body from health complications.
Whenever you are ready to begin working out after pregnancy, remember to take it slow. Begin with gentle exercises such as walking so that your body can regain strength for intensive movements that are to come later. You can also take up water aerobics and swimming once your stitches are completely healed. A great way to exercise after pregnancy is to go on a walk with your baby in a stroller. This way you and your baby can enjoy fresh air, meet with people and you can get some solid exercise. Strength training also helps speed up metabolism and weight loss. You can use dumbbells at home for lunges, squats and arm exercises. You can also work with personal trainers to learn strength training exercises designed for postnatal fitness. Inadequate sleep and stress can make you less motivated or energetic for regular exercises. So, it is important that you choose activities that are fun for you. If you don’t like training in the gym, choose to go to a dance or yoga class with a friend or your partner. Try different physical activities to burn some calories.


Adequate rest is important to lose weight consistently and without injuries. Aim for slow yet steady post-pregnancy weight loss. Sleep well and allow at least a day or two in a week for your body to rest from heavy workouts.
Consult with your doctor if you feel any pain while exercising.