Clean Eating: What It Is, and How It Works

July 5, 2018 Health and Wellness

“Clean Eating” is becoming increasingly popular among those who are health conscious these days. It is a diet and lifestyle choice that emphasizes eating whole and fresh foods. “Clean Eating” is becoming increasingly popular among those who are health conscious these days. It is a diet and lifestyle choice that emphasizes eating whole and fresh foods. Read on to learn more about clean eating, and why it is a healthy lifestyle choice.

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is simply the idea that you should consume foods that are as close to their natural state or form as possible. It includes selecting a negligible quantity of processed foods, and a greater quantity of real foods, most often plant-based foods — including whole-grains, vegetables and fruit, animal and plant-based protein, oils, nuts, fatty fish, lean meat, and seeds.There is no clinical definition to clean eating, so it means there are numerous variations to it differing from person to person.

Purpose and Benefits of Clean Eating

The main motive of the clean eaters is to follow the guidelines to avoid processed and refined foods. They eat plenty of vegetables, drink at least two liters of water in a day to stay hydrated throughout and cut down on sugar.Apart from that, they tend to cook most of their meals at home and try their best to find good ingredients. They also tend to eat smaller, balanced meals regularly with healthy snacks in-between the meals.

  • This helps the clean eaters keep track of the food every time they are eating, even when dining out. It not only provides nutrients to support healthy cell function in the body but also helps with fighting chronic disease.
  • Clean eating helps you maintain a healthy diet which nourishes your body properly and helps you feel energetic and productive during the whole day.
  • It helps you avoid fatigue-inducing blood su0gar spikes by regulating the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • A diet rich in fruits and veggies reduces risk of heart disease and also protects against stroke and high blood pressure.
  • Because you are eating clean by including foods that have healthy fats, such as nuts, avocado, and olive oil, you are reducing harmful cholesterol levels, which also helps to fight cardiovascular disease.
  • Eating a well-balanced combination of foods containing whole grain carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats will help you keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Guidelines to Clean Eating

These are the main guidelines for those who want to start clean eating.

Prepare your own food

Preparing your own food means you have a check on the ingredients and can control what you are eating throughout the day.

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Always read the nutrition label

Always read the nutrition labels. The simple rule is not to buy products which include ingredients difficult to pronounce. Also, avoid buying products, high in added sugar, salt, and fat.

Avoid processed food as far as possible

Processed foods are high in sugar, salt, and added preservative. So avoid buying processed foods while doing grocery shopping.

Choose whole foods

Whole foods are closer to nature and haven’t been tampered or manufactured at a plant. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to choose natural whole foods to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Drink water instead of calories laden drinks

Packaged fruit juices and other drinks carry far more calories and sugar and far fewer nutrients. Instead of drinking these to quench your thirst, drink plenty of water. Water makes you full and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Eat well-balanced meals

Since healthy fats, carbs, and proteins are essential for the proper functioning of the body, you should plan your meals taking into consideration the right amount of these three components in mind.Have 5-6 meals a dayMake your calories count instead of counting calories. Eat six small meals a day, which includes three small meals and two to three healthy snacks every day. Eating more small meals than full meals helps you lose weight quicker.

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Clean Eating Meal Plan

Have one serving of each meal.


  • 1 1/2 cup Coconut Banana Smoothie

Morning Snack

  • (1/4 cup) Spiced Chickpea “Nuts”
  • 2-inch cube sharp Cheddar cheese (1 oz.)


  • Salmon Salad Stuffed Avocado

Evening Snack

  • 1 medium apple
  • A handful of unsalted roasted almonds


  • Spring Vegetable Lasagna with Fresh Spinach Pasta

Evening Snack

  • 1 cup frozen grapes